Cats Tongue – Why do you need some?

If there are two things I’ve learned in the bike shop they are: #1 Ladies love bike mechanics, and #2 Ladies hate dirty greasy hands. I can’t do much about #1, we all have our crosses to bear. But I now have a solution for #2, Cat’s Tongue wipes. Made specifically for greasy bike repair induced filth. With a fresh orange scent and no rinsing required they are perfect to keep in your saddle bag or glove compartment. One of the keys to the Cat’s Tongue ability is one side has amazing scrubby scratchy thingies that help cut the crud, the other side is smooth for more delicate jobs. It also has aloe to keep your skin nice and smooth, for the ladies… Individual packets are $1.50 and a canister of 30 “shop-sized” towels are $9.99. And check out the sweet tat.


Uncle Joe

Definitely a sweet tat!

Definitely a sweet tat!

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