Alpine Shop Information Creation Station

One of the great things about working for Alpine Shop is your opportunity to help a lot of people discover a love for the outdoors.

In this new, always connected, world we live in, more and more people now look on-line to make those discoveries. This is a great opportunity for you to reach thousands of people you otherwise may never have met before. Even better, we’d like to make sure these very same customers can discover more about you through an on-line biography. This way, you can develop a relationship with them and share your experience and knowledge even before they theoretically have ever stepped in one of our buildings before.

So here’s what we’re asking you to do:

  1. Complete your bio info. It’s as easy as clicking this link and typing in your answers. Please include a photo of you doing something outdoors, as well.
  2. Fill out a few Adventure reports. It’s the same as the bios. Just fill in info in the blanks and we take care of the rest. Trip reports concerned with areas within 100 miles of our stores will be shared with, a Grassroots Outdoor Association effort to provide curated trip reports for shops like ours across the United States.
  3. Complete some Product Reviews for our blog as well. Guess what? It’s just as easy as the other ones! Just fill in the blanks.
  4. If you’re assigned to work an Alpine Shop program, clinic or event, there’s one final fill in the blank form for those as well.

It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to fill out these forms and the impact can last for many, many years. Your participation is greatly appreciated in helping us grow our reputation as the local experts in the outdoor retail field.

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