Ski Like a Girl Weekend


Welcome to the 2011 Ski Like a Girl Weekend in St Louis!

Ladies, what we’ve always known, it took the ski world a lot longer to realize: women’s bodies are different from men’s. Our center of gravity is lower, our feet are smaller and our brains are bigger. (Okay the last part might be up for debate.)

But why would anatomical differences make any difference on a ski hill? When you’re moving down-hill and the only things controlling you are the boots on your feet and the skis they’re connected to, it stands to reason that how both of those things fit you might impact your ability to make tracks while not causing harm to yourself.

Yes, you can ski with ill-fitted boots and incorrectly set-up skis. And yes, you may even have fun for a bit. But, make no mistake about it, your feet, your shins and your ankles will hurt. Your confidence on your skis won’t truly develop. You’re selling yourself short until you take the next step: Get gear fit specifically for you.

That’s why Alpine Shop hosts the Ski Like a Girl Weekend in St Louis. Women’s ski expert Jeannie Thoren will be on hand beginning with our reception and program Friday night October 28 at 6:30 pm.

Thoren is a living legend of the women’s ski movement. A competitive skier herself back in the late 1960s and 70s, Thoren was one of the first to notice that the physical differences between men and women required completely different ski equipment. Over 40 years of work in the field have finally seen Thoren’s expertise adopted by the ski world; but it still requires experts in the field that understand the principles of the Thoren Theory to make sure your equipment works perfectly for you. On Friday, Oct. 28, she’ll explain exactly what you need to make sure you’re ready for the ski season ahead of you.

This weekend will kick off with our reception at 6:30 pm at our Kirkwood (St Louis) location. We will introduce you to some wonderful young and young-at-heart ladies modeling some of our newest winter fashions. You’ll have the opportunity on Friday night to vote for your favorite outfit  — and possibly win that outfit’s jacket for yourself. We’ll have over $500 in prizes to give away, including free Wigwam socks for the first 50 women to register with us, Salomon Ski Boots, an Obermeyer Jacket and much more.

Along with Jeannie’s presentation, we’ll also have food, drink and fun for everyone on this evening. Click here to register! The cost is just $10 and every penny of that goes to support the St Louis Breast Cancer Awareness Coalition. Bring a friend!

And while you’re there, we’ll also be scheduling appointments for ski boot fits on Saturday and Sunday with Jeannie Thoren herself and Alpine Shop’s expert staff of boot fitters, including Certified Pedorthist Angie Bono.

This weekend is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your next ski trip. Because it’s always more fun when you can ski like a girl and be proud of it!

Friday, Oct. 28 Ski Like a Girl Reception

$10 donation for food and drink starting at 6 pm. All proceeds go to support the St Louis Breast Cancer Coalition. Free Wigwam socks for first 50 registrants.

Raffle Tickets: $1 or 6 for $5; Prizes include The North Face Fleece Jackets; Salomon Boots, Trust Your Journey jewelry; various Alpine Shop gifts
2 free raffle tickets with each registration!

Friday, October 28 Night Schedule
6:30 pm – Modeling of outfits with refreshments – Every raffle ticket purchased can be used as a vote for one outfit of your choice.
6:50 pm – Introduce Models and Affiliations
7 pm – Jeannie Thoren presentation Part 1
7:45 – Raffle Ticket purchases and voting continues
7:55 – Jeannie Thoren presentation Part 2
8:30 – Final raffle ticket voting for outfits
9 pm – Winning outfit declared. Raffle drawing wins outfit jacket for winner.

Saturday and Sunday, October 29-30

Sign up for your custom ski boot fit assisted by Jeannie Thoren and Alpine Shop Certified Pedorthist Angie Bono.

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